My session for tonight got rescheduled thanks to some nasty weather we are having (boo).  I guess I shouldn’t complain, I’ve only had to reschedule due to weather twice in a year and a half we’ve been here.  Probably because it pretty much never rains here, its one thing I just can’t get used to.

So instead of being off shooting a beautiful family and having fun, I’m catching up on some less fun things like quickbooks and filing.  I also thought I’d take a break from finalizing this order to come share more from a recent session, this little family was soooo cute.  The big sister is Taryn’s age ….

and the little guy is Teagan’s age….

their family dynamic felt so familiar to me, I had a lot of fun hanging out with them.

she is quite the little ham…she absolutely loved the camera!

oh man, this is one of my faves.  it totally makes me wish i was a kid again, who giggled like this, while rolling around in the grass.  living large this one is….

look at these big dreamy eyes…..sigh

another fave…poor little guy was fading towards nap time.  he stopped for a quick little rest but then he was off again!

i hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!