This family is so special to me.  I was blessed to be able to photograph the birth of their 4th child, John, a few years ago.   Since then, they went on to have another baby, a girl.  They wanted this session in their home because they were about to move.  Their baby girl was born right by the window in their bedroom.  Their children have grown and laughed and loved within the four walls of this home and they wanted to say goodbye to it with printed memories, just as they are today.  The last photo, with Jude showing me his muscles, so funny.  To fully appreciate it, I’m going to share a quote from their client survey, where Kelly included this when telling me about her children:  “Jude: he’s so naughty he sparkles, crooked grin & glasses, he’s a little spry old man”.  Yes!  A million times yes!  I see it too and knowing that let me capture just that.  Rock star!  I relate so much to this family, fun kids, similar age gaps, little old man boys named Jude, a home filled with love and chaos.  W family, you’ve now moved, but I hope these photos bring you back to all the happy times filled with love in your home.