photo of boys playing in tent at sunset

Jude is almost 12 and we are in this window of time where things are changing.  He’s not a little boy who plays as much as he used to.  He still does, he joins in with the little boys sometimes, he plays imaginary games, like pretending with Z to kayak off a waterfall (see my Insta stories for that photo).  But it is not all the time like it once was.  It used to be Jude and Jonah playing all the time!  He asked for books for his birthday.  Not a single “toy”.  No legos or anything.  The shift is happening and it makes me hold moments like tonight super close to my heart.  This time, when the 3 of them are all little boys playing together, is so short and fleeting with the age gaps.  Z isn’t a baby, he is big enough to play.  Jude isn’t a teenager, he’s young enough to play.  I’ll blink and it’ll change.  This hit me hard tonight, I snapped this and instantly teared up with my eye still to my camera.

boy in tent at sunset photo