photo of boys sitting in hospital room on bed

Jonah had a follow up today with his ortho.  The original plan was to remove this plaster cast and put on a lighter fiberglass short arm cast at this point.  Mostly so he would be able to bend his elbow.  We arrived and they immediately jumped in to cast removal.  Something in me knew we needed an x-ray first.  Not their standard procedure but I insisted.  I have learned over the years and 5 kids to follow my instincts.  I lost that ability for a good long time after the birth trauma.  I’d go so far as to say I was completely disconnected with my instincts for a really long time.  Trust them…I couldn’t even find them.  That is changing and it feels amazing.  Anyway, it threw the staff for a loop lol…everyone was confused but they agreed to do the x-ray first.  Sure enough, one bone is growing back and fusing together nicely.  The other one is not.   I am so glad we didn’t remove that cast.  So….not great news, he needs to be in this long arm cast for another 3 weeks.  If it looks better at that point we can move him to a fiberglass short arm cast for several more weeks.  He is a trooper and is handling this so well!  Minus wearing his sling, what a battle!  Now we need to decide if we are going to stay here in Austin that long or find a new care provider in another city.  Our hope was to be on the move by the end of February, so I am not really sure yet what the new plan will be.  It’s hard for me to believe we have been back in Texas for over 3 and a half months already!