Her most favorite thing in the world is her bowl.  It’s her lovey.  She carries that darn thing everywhere and has since she was a puppy.  The other day she walked past Zachary and hit him really hard in the head with her tail.  He was frustrated with her, it really hurts, her tail is vicious.  He took her bowl out of her mouth and put it on the other side of his lap out of her reach.  She immediately got up, walked all the way around the island, through the kitchen, to the other side to get her bowl.  Z spotted her, took the bowl again, got up, marched over to the boys bunk room, tossed the bowl in and closed the door.  Apparently, Z means business!  He sure knows how to hit where it hurts lol!  Mags just sat by the door, huffed, and waited until another kid came along and opened the door.