Going fishing with 4 kids in tow is a lot of work. One line would get tangled and as soon as he untangled it, a line would get stuck in the rocks, or a tree or someone hooked their own butt while casting. He didn’t rest a single second the entire time. But the kids loved it and can’t wait to go again. Thankfully this stocked pond is just steps from our door.

Jude and I snuck out today and picked up a new Cars fishing pole for Z (head up to my stories to see Zachary’s “woooow” reaction lol). He loves being like the big kids and wanted to do everything himself. He was convinced every cast he had a fish. When we were leaving, he sat down, hung his head low and said “I guess I’m not big, I didn’t catch a fish.” 😭 I gently reminded him that it’s not because he’s little, it just wasn’t his day to catch one. And that we could try again. He perked right up. Also, he mispronounces “fish” as “wish”. So every single “I GOT A WISH!” was the cutest.