Apr 26, 2007
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at the Stradtner house….and what do we find?


a baby who absolutely refuses to stay in her bed…but it just way too tired to roam around her room for even one more minute!!

LOL!!!!  Jason came running into the living room to get me when he found her like this….totally konked out.  She didn’t budge when I snapped the picture, flash and all, or when he picked her up and put her back into her bed.  Funny girl.

  • Bwwwhahahaa, OMG Lyndsay that just gave me the best start to my morning! I’m gonna be laughing about that all day!

  • Lindsay – you changed your Banner??
    I love it .. and this pic is tooo cute ..
    don’t you just love them when they do things like this??
    Too cute!!
    I love love love her new bedroom .. just gorgeous .. and the colors are awsome!!
    Makes me want a girl as a next baby!! 🙂

  • oh my gosh! she is just too funny. 🙂

  • After your last post, the timing of this could not be anymore perfect! So funny!

  • She is so stinking cute, Lyndsay. What a great capture – she’ll love seeing this in a few years. Don’t you just love this age? Lilly has figured out how to escape her twin bed so I’m thinking we may be in for a gate at the door soon.

    P.S. I love that chair – is it the Anywhere Chair by PBK?

  • Lyndsay that is hilarious! My older daughter used to do the same thing at that age. She would refuse to take a nap and then just fall asleep in the weirdest places. 🙂

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