I have been feeling some mommy guilt lately that I don’t have a baby book for Taryn.  Second child syndrome combined with hurricane katrina overload maybe?  This blog is the closest thing I’ve got, so please bear with me as I post a few things about her.  I can always go back and print out my blog, that counts right?!  Well, maybe not, but it’s better than nothing!  Feel free to skip over it if you’re not into details, you won’t hurt my feelings =)

she loves her new bed….I look at this and wonder who is this monster and what happened to my little baby??  love the pigtails.  her hair is in that odd stage where its always in her face but she still won’t let me pull it back.  I had to bribe her with a fruit snack pack to get these pigtails =)  Gotta mention the little chubbie hangin out on those legs….love chubbies.


Doesn’t she looks sooooo sweet in this one, if y’all only knew.  She’s so full of personality and spunk it scares me sometimes.  She keeps this entire family moving and laughing.  Oh how I wish she would have looked up at me with those big blue eyes and her hands like that…


One little monkey jumping on the bed – silly girl!


Little confession – I call my husband "honey" sometimes when I’m talking to him.  Endearing?  Yes.  Nausiating to others?  Probably.  🙂  In the last week Taryn has decided to drop the name Daddy and has started calling him Honey.  Except for it doesn’t come out as "Honey", it comes out as "Hiney".  You know, as in butt.  LOL!!!!  Of course everyone thinks its hilarious.  Except Jason.

Monday we had to bring Ty to the ENT.  As we get ready to go I remember that Jason had the stroller in the back of his car, which means that there will be no restraining Taryn at the hospital.  Makes for a long morning, trapped in a tiny room with two bored kids.  It was funny though, because when we walked into the exam room, there was a big fancy motorized chair.  Ty jumped in right away and Taryn and I sat in the two chairs off to the side to wait for the dr.  No more than 2 seconds after her bottom hit her chair did she jump up and run over to Ty’s chair.  She’d spotted all the bright buttons going down the side of the chair.  She hunkered down, jumped up as hard as she could and said "YEEEEEEE HAA!" as she started pushing away.  She really is just like her daddy LOL!!  Needless to say, it was not fun being stuck in that room for 2 hours waiting to be seen, with 2 bored kids picking at each other and the endless temptation of bright buttons to push!

She flat our refuses to say her name.  She talks a lot!  Forms complete sentences and there is rarely a time that she isn’t able to express something to us if she wants too.  But she will not, ever, say her name.  It’s driving us crazy.  I’ve totally lost track of how many words she says now, it’s so many.  But I know the one she refuses to say!  If you ask her what her name is, she scowls at you.  Ask her to say "Taryn" and she’ll look at you and say "NO".  If I point to her picture on the wall and ask "who is that?" she’ll look at me and say "Peanut".  Little stinker, maybe it’s the 2 year old defiance thing setting in early.

She learned how to play hide and seek by watching Ty with his best friend Cade.  Unfortunately, she’s been turned into their snitch.  One hides, then the other comes out and asks Taryn where they hid.  Of course, she rats out the hider every single time!  During the day when it’s just the two of us.  It will be quite for about 30 seconds, then I will hear big belly giggles coming from her room.  All I see are 10 tiny little toes sticking out under her curtains.  She, of course, thinks this is totally hilarious and I can hear her laughing hysterically.  Funny girl.

I am suffering through potty training her.  She’s so pokey.  She wants to sit in there for at least 30 minutes every single time.  I told Jason the other day we might need to move a tv in there for me, along with a comfortable place to sit.  I get so bored.  Maybe I just need a good book and a bean bag chair.

She has a new way of making sure we know if she’s unhappy.  The other night we were putting dinner on the table, Jason put her in the highchair and then went to fix her some milk.  She started to cry because we just weren’t putting food on her plate fast enough, when suddenly she stops and says "Daaaaadddddy, I cryin!!!" LOL!!!  Like jeesh, what’s wrong, you didn’t notice?!?!

I love this…as soon as Ty walks off the bus and through the front door every afternoon, she runs and stands next to the fridge, knowing that he’ll be getting a snack.  He always marches right in, greets everyone, washes his hands and fixes her something to drink before grabbing his after school snack.  It’s their routine.  Some how she always convinces him to share 😉


Other things she loves:

  • bubbles
  • jumping on our bed
  • running races with ty, she always cheats though
  • barney
  • her fisher price animals
  • checking the mail
  • bbq sauce, lemons and salsa (not together though – ick)
  • going for walks to gee-gee’s house and waving at everything on the way
  • dancing, especially in the buff
  • silly faces, she saves the best ones for Ty
  • shoes, its all about the shoes baby
  • unloading all the platic dishes from the dishwasher
  • scaring people, she’ll run into the room and growl, its so stinkin cute!
  • feeding Ty’s turtle
  • books, books and more books
  • coloring, she could sit and color for an hour

Ok, so I feel a little better knowing that I have this all written down somewhere in case I ever find the time to do a babybook or pick up scrapbooking again.  Whew.