Our curriculum is ready for T’s first day of homeschooling tomorrow, all tucked in to her workbox system.  I’m excited to put all the assessments and prep and organizing of the last week to use.  Jumping in, two feet first.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really expecting a backlash by posting about our decision to homeschool.  Maybe that is because I’ve never personally judged someone for making that decision.  Maybe it’s because every homeschooled child I have ever met has been bright, polite, social, kind and very smart.  We are deciding what is best for *our* family and those who don’t agree with that decision are certainly welcome to their opinions.  But they are just that, their opinions.  And they do not change, in any way, what is best for our family.  Our decisions reflect on us, they are certainly not a judgment placed upon anyone else for making different decisions.  If you don’t agree with us, great, you get to choose what is best for *your* family.  I won’t stop sharing what is real within our four walls just because other people don’t like it.  I’m thankful for those that come here and find value in this blog but I want it to be clear, I blog for me.  And for my family.  I share client images because that’s part of what I do and who I am.  This blog touches on all aspects of our lives and that will now include homeschooling as well.  I am happy that each of you who visits our little corner of the internet stops by, even if you don’t agree with us.  I’m thankful to be open minded enough and blessed enough, to have people in my life that are very different than me.  How boring would it be if we were all the same?  Being like minded is not a requirement for friendship, compassion, acceptance or respect.

Before heading to bed I picked up a new homeschooling book that arrived on our doorstep today.  I made it to page 5 when this caught my eye.  So true.  I spend a lot of time on nutrition, healing, working in the kitchen to nourish my family every way that I can.  This puts all of it in to perspective….

“Whatever reasons brought you to this point, they are good and valid ones, regardless of what others may say to the contrary.  No on else on earth knows your child as well as you do, or cares as much about the experiences that fill her time.  Preparing food for her mind and heart is no less worthy of your time and attention than preparing food for her body.” ~ Linda Dobson