1.  Tuesday is now officially the busiest day of the week at our house.  I think I’ll start calling it “this day is going to kick my butt Tuesday” for short.  Up early, big kids off to school, music class with the duder, trip to People Rx, home for lunch, quick nap for Teagan (I almost always have to wake him up, bummer), leave for carpool to pick up Taryn, back home to fix a quick early dinner and then back out to go watch Ty play football.  Then home again, way past the little kids bedtime, spend an hour doing bath, pj’s, supplements and medications, put the little kids down, fix lunches and THEN, it’s time for me to sit down and start working.  Yeah, a little busy.

2.  So when Teagan and I were putting on our shoes to leave the house this morning we were listing all the fun stuff we’d get to do today….”music”….”hutball!”….and then he looks at me and says “we not stop at starbucks mommy?”  Busted.  Oi.

3.  At the recommendation of Teagan’s OT, we signed him up for a music class, Music Together through Velocity Music Academy.  It turned out to be perfect timing, one of my amazingly talented clients just opened Velocity in Cedar Park and we were looking for a music or gymnastics class to put Teagan in as a way to help him get stronger and continue with OT type activities outside of therapy.  His OT, Marti, and her little boy, Andy, signed up as well which I love because we get to see them more and she can keep her specially trained OT keen eyes on Teagan.  Music Together is perfect because it involves music, listening, and movement all at the same time, which is really key for him and his recovery.  Our first class was this morning and he was WAY into it.  He was singing and dancing and moving and shaking it all over the place.  As fun as it was to watch him, but I must confess, my favorite moment was when Andy took off his sticker name tag and put it over Marti’s mouth while she was singing.  She’d take the sticker off, he’d shake his head no and put it right back on.  She’s going to kill me for sharing that but it seriously sent me into a fit of giggles I just couldn’t stop.

4.  If you have been thinking about buying a Goodbyn, now is the time.  I noticed on their facebook page that for the next few hours they will be offering $8.00 off each Goodbyn purchased at www.goodbyn.com when you enter the promocode “wendy”.

5.  I’ve been posting daily photos of the healthy lunches I fix our family over on my personal facebook profile.  I realized that was dumb and started putting them in an album on the Life in Motion fan page starting yesterday.  They are just cruddy old iphone pics but I post them to share ideas and because it has turned in to one of my favorite parts of the day.  After the littles are in bed, we make their lunches, talk about our day, changes we’re making, recipes and just visit.  Granted, I’m getting a little less work done since that is normally my time to work, but I truly enjoy spending that time with my husband and I think we both feel good about feeding them well together.

6.  The other night while we were cooking dinner Taryn sauntered through the kitchen, rolled her eyes and declared that Ty “has a baaaaad att-i-tude, you need to ground him from his friends!”  Hilarious.  It must be pretty bad for her to notice, she could usually care less and lives in her own little world.  Jase and I laughed for at least 10 minutes.  Ty however, did not laugh at all.

7.  I have started to pay Taryn $1 for every night she sleeps in her own bed.  $7 a week for sleep?  Sounds like a bargain to me!  Don’t judge, I’m tired.

8.  When we made the deal for $1 per night her immediate reply was “oh good, I can start buying lunch at school”.  Humph.  I’m insulted.  Me thinks she doesn’t appreciate the healthy Goodbyn creations we’ve been making for her.  Or maybe she just likes carrying her own tray.  Or the fact that they serve things filled with preservatives and things like fudge pops.  Yeah, it’s probably the latter.  It’s so hard to teach her about good food choices when the kids all around her are eating a bag of chips, cookies and a capri sun.  Sigh……oh how I wish they’d let Patricia’s Lunchbox into our Leander ISD public schools.  A girl can dream….

9.  Last week, or maybe it was the week before that, we discovered she was going to school and telling her teacher we didn’t give her breakfast so she could go have cinnamon rolls in the cafeteria.  We did feed her.  We are eating very healthy in our house right now and home girl got creative to get her sweet fix for a few days.  Little did she know we’d be sent an invoice for her shananigans.  Busted.  I think she gets getting busted from her momma.

10.  The secret….Jason and I are about to start blogging together.  It could get interesting….very, very interesting…..