Every now and I then I am contacted by a super thoughtful husband looking to purchase the gift of a session for his wife as a surprise.  I’ve even posted on my facebook fanpage about it a few times and I know it always leaves moms wondering if it is for them.  This time, Jen was the recipient of the surprise!  I was so excited to see them again, so much has changed since I last saw them, Grace went from a baby to a little girl and she has a beautiful baby sister now!   Jen knew she wanted their session to be a little urban and a little chic this morning and I was totally inspired, good call Jen!  It also happens to be their 6th wedding anniversary today and I can’t imagine a better way to spend an hour of this day than to celebrate and document the beautiful results of six years of marriage.  Happy anniversary you two!!

PS – Hey Matt, I think I speak for a large group of women when I say “Could you talk to my husband about gift giving pretty please?!”  😉