My second unexpected, super short notice session for this weekend took place this morning in my absolute favorite location!  This beautiful family is from Waco and when I found out where they live I happily offered to meet them in the middle in Salado because I adore shooting there.  We went exploring by the river (it was actually moving water instead of puddles with all the recent rain!) and then hit a few of my favorite spots around Salado.  Our goal was a few family photos and to get mom in the picture since she’s usually behind the camera.  I can relate to that a little.  Ok, ok, a lot.  And I love it when moms come out of hiding!  The two kiddos were so polite and just full of energy and hugs and smiles and willing to explore with me and chat about anything I threw their way, I loved it!! Wait until you see their full blog post….Mr. C is quite the poser, and quite the thinker, put the two together and it is cute overload!  Ms. K is 6 and missing her two front teeth AND she has fabulous freckles, is there anything better than that?  Yeah, this morning was pretty much photographer heaven for me….my favorite location and amazing new friends!

C family, it was so great to meet you this morning…many more soon!