1.  I really need to take some pictures of my kids.  They’ve had a pretty nice long break.  It’s time.  Will do this week.

2.  Saturday we all went and got our hair chopped at Birds.  And by “all” I mean all the people in the house that have hair, me, teagan & taryn.  taryn and teagan got their signature do’s, a bob and a faux hawk respectively.  And I got my hair chopped.  I thought it was around 4 inches but MC took one look at me the other night and said way more…..maybe 6 or so?  Ty took a quick snap for me…it’s not in focus…but it’s me.  And a photo of me is pretty rare around here.  So there ya go.

3.  Hmmmm, I never post pics of me here.  This is weird.

4.  On Thursday and Friday Teagan got super messy during lunch, so I ran him a sink of bubbles in the kitchen sink.  On Friday, he figured out how to turn on the spigget for the filtered water.  Fun stuff there.  So on Saturday, Jason fed him lunch, took him out and started to wipe him off with a washcloth in front of the sink.  Teagan started kicking his feet, pointed to the sink and said “bubble bath”….kick kick….wiggle wiggle….point point….”do it”.  We were cracking up laughing he said it clear as day and knew what he wanted.

5.  Jack’s nursery came out SO cute.  I know Alli worked so hard on it and I absolutely love it.  I did a nursery storyboard for her, I haven’t done one of these in ages and ages.  I used to do them for every newborn session, I really should start that again….

Check out that middle photo of Jack hanging out under his name!!  Alli asked me to make her one of these for the nursery and we decided to do a gallery mount.  I love how it came out….here is a closeup….

I think the one for my house that is only mounted on styrene is going to have an accident, I gotta have it on a gallery mount.  That bad boy is heavy, but gorgeous!  Want to make one of your own?  You can download the free template here.

6.  Speaking of Jack….I spent Sunday morning at their house and took soooooo many photos.  Isn’t he fabulous?

7.  And just one more for good measure….

8.  Every time I scroll up and see a photo of me, it feels weird all over again.

9.  Jase and I went to see Hangover on Sunday.  Hilarious.

10.  Facebook.  Are you a fan?

Quick reminder…..there are only two mini spots left for the Louisiana sessions.  If you want one, act fast!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!