Thank you for all the blog love for the image on the new blog header.  I just adore them both and I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to have an image in my mind for weeks and then actually create it exactly as I imagined.  I love it, I love them.  Glad you all liked it too.  Ok….on with 10 on Tuesday….

1.  Taryn has been messing with Ty for the last week.  Big time.  It’s so funny.  Any time she notices he’s in his room and she’s bored, she runs to tell him "Momma needs you Ty"…which leads to him coming to find me for no reason.  She thinks this is hilarious.  Knee slappin, hand over her mouth, hilarious.  Ty, not so much.  I tend to side with her.  Especially after he falls for it for the 23rd time in the first 2 days!

2.  Ren over at VIBE tagged me with a "You Make My Day" Award.  Thanks Ren!  Now I get to pass it on.  Here are the Rules:  "“Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and
inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland! (leave them a
comment on their blog to let them know ) Beware! You may get the award
several times!”  The following bloggers, made my day, so here ya go: 

Brianne Brose
Emily Weaver Brown
Amy Ro
Erin Cobb

I’ll have to come back with 5 more later.  As you can tell, I didn’t have much time for bloggin today.

3.  Isn’t this the sweetest thing?  He dream nurses.  Hi little lip moves as he dreams about milk.  Love that.  And don’t get me started on the dimples on his pudgy little hands.  I’m addicted.  And I quit trimming his nails.  I nipped the tip of his finger.  He cried.  I cried.  It’s now Daddy’s job.


4.  Taryn counts to 10 in Spanish… dos tress cuatro cinco seis siete nacho nueve diaz.  Cracks me up every time.

5.  Father’s Day was relaxing at our house, which was nice.  A quiet day, which is kind of rare.  Jason got up early (his choice, I was gonna let him sleep in and get up with the kids to fix breakfast).  He and Taryn went out to wash his car, then we had breakfast and just hung out as a family.  He asked for new disc golf sets for both he and Tyler and they went to go play in the afternoon.   Then we surprised him with a Texas sized set of wind chimes he’s had his eye on.  This gift makes it official, our neighbors hate us.

6.  I think he’s over me.


7.  Nahhhh


8.  I wonder if people think we cut his hair like that?  It’s so him.  I’ll be sad when the sides grow in and the mo’hawk is gone.  It cracks me up.

9.  Photo cubes are done.  Here is a quick snapshot…instructions and more photos coming soon!


10.  Louisiana sessions announced yesterday are almost totally booked up!!  I only have TWO spaces left!!  I am psyched to see some old friends and I have a feeling I’m gonna be shocked to see how much a few certain kiddos have grown.  Can’t wait!!  If you want one of the two spaces left, email me or give me a call ASAP!