Quiet = Bad

Quiet = Up to no good

Quiet = Brace Yourself

Never.  Ever.  Ever.

Our house was a little busy this morning because I had to get 3 kids
up and out in time for Teagan’s 4 month checkup at the pediatrician.
Ty and I were in my bedroom this morning, I had just finished nursing
Teagan and walked in there to sit on the bed to burp him.  Ty and I
were cooing with Teagan and just chatting.  I asked in passing what
Taryn was doing, because it was quiet.  (Clue #1)  Ty said "Oh, she’s
fine, she’s in the living room watching cartoons."  I continued to burp
Teagan for another few minutes and then got up to go check on
aforementioned two year old.  Yes, she was indeed watching cartoons in
the living room.  On my way in I noticed the step stool next to the
kitchen bar area leading into the living room.   (Random placement of
step stools is bad.  Clue #2).  As I enter the living room I see
Taryn’s head pop up from the other side of the couch and she says "I’m
not doing nuthin".   Clue #3, toddler denial is always an admission of

Exhibit A:


Notice the connect the "dots" and the ever popular circles around
the belly button.  Nice huh?  And how she managed this, I have no


I think in between the toes was a pretty nice touch too.


She looks amused in that last one doesn’t she?  Well, Mommy was not
amused.  At all.  We had a quick bath and scrubbing before trying to
head out of the house and "most" of it came off.   But the water
instantly turned murky brown when I plopped her down into the tub.

This week, body art.  Last week, she got into Teagan’s bath stuff
that was left out in his room and dumped an entire bottle of baby
shampoo onto the carpet in the doorway.  We’ve just recovered from that
after hours of steam cleaning to get it all out.  Fun times.