and it’s actually Tuesday, how about that?!

1.  Our lives feel like total chaos right now.  Maybe it’s the fact that summer is here and that means more time outside, more go, go, go.  Maybe its the fact that our business just opened up this week, officially, and  its been a lot of work getting things ready to go.  Ty’s birthday party coming up, Jase is busy with work, Taryn’s taken a liking to using her outside voice 24/7, which Teagan is not liking.  And Teagan is teetering on that 4 month growth spurt, it’s coming, and the thought of it makes me tired.  He’ll want to nurse non-stop.  He’s been really fussy the last few days, thankfully, I ordered a new sling last night so I can wear him more comfortably.  Thanks Nancy for the recommendation!  I love the way she wears her daughter so that she can see out, Teagan is going to dig that.

2. This is their thing.  Never let’s Mommy do it, just Daddy.  I secretly love that though.  Makes me go awwwwwww….



3.  We hit the pool this morning with some friends.  Our neighborhood pool is awesome, it slopes down so the little ones can play safely, has a lot of sprinklers and buckets of water that splashes down from a big pole, pretty cool.  Well, at the end of the slope are a couple of stairs that lead to the deep end.  Taryn never goes out that far.  Today I was at the edge of the pool with Teagan and Taryn stepped right off the stairs and down into the water.  I jumped towards her and started to grab her and yelled out to Alli who was close to her as well.  She grabbed her and I pulled her up by the arms.  Scary.  We now have a new rule not to go past the blue line that marks the start of the stairs.  It wasn’t that deep, less than 3 feet with the other step right there, but enough for her to loose her bearings and go under.  She did not like the water up her nose and the look of fear in her eyes as she went under sticks in my mind….ugh.  Thankfully we were both right there to grab her, and that Ms. Alli is good at being quick on her toes, Lily was a swimming fish with no fear this morning!

4.  We decided at the last minute this week to participate in a silent auction through Jason’s work to benefit the ASPCA.  We will be donating a session and I had to pull some display materials together really quick last night.  In addition to some large prints, a canvas, an album, business cards and some other frilly stuff, I printed this as a mounted 20×20 for the display table.  Me likey….


5.   Only two more days of school left.  Ty can’t wait.  I have mixed emotions about it, probably like every other mom out there right?  I can’t wait to have him home and spend more time with him, watch him have a fun summer being a kid.  He’s earned that, the right to play in our neighborhood, be safe and just be a kid, ride his bike, go to the pool, get dirty and just be a boy.  We had a hard time letting him do those things in our old neighborhood with all the rebuilding, so this is a whole new thing for him.  On the other hand, he and Taryn have been in a bickering rut lately, and I’m not sure I’m ready for full, all day banter and rough housing back and forth.  Oh, and I’m not ready for the grocery bill.  Yikes can that kid eat!! 

6.  I know I promised pics of Teagan’s Blurb book, sorry, I took them and just haven’t had a chance to proof them yet.  I will, soon, promise!


7.  I’m considering a new blog.  For a bunch of reasons.  Some business reasons, some personal reasons.  Just can’t decide.  I want to upgrade, but I’m having a hard time deciding whether to separate the business from the personal.  Part of me feels that all my work is intertwined with who I am and what I do, and then the other part of me thinks it would be better having two distinct blogs, one for each.  Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.  What do you guys think?

8.  This makes me go awwwwwww too.  Meredith and her Mommy.


9.  Must get working on Father’s Day pics.  Soon, maybe one night this week.  Can’t wait to work out the ideas in my head. 

10.  Ok, it’s the end of 10 on Tuesday and I’m at my wits end with Taryn’s 24/7 outside voice.  We’ve tried everything, the quiet game, jumping over the threshold of our house going from inside to outside voice (yeah, my neighbors think I’m nuts), spending quiet time in her room, reminders, nothing is working.  The loud, screeching, constant yelling at toddler volume, is making me nuts.  Help?  Advice?  Anyone?  Anyone??