where you feel the need to apologize to every single person you toddler comes in contact with?  Ugh.  We had one of those days today.  Unfortunately, smack dab in the middle of sweet Meredith’s 2nd birthday party.  Taryn was, uhm, possessed challenging.  It was bad, really bad.   But uhm, this shall we say, "takes the cake" for Taryn’s orneryness….

Here is sweet Meredith, with her cake.  We were waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more for her to blow out her candles.


annnnnd, someone got tired of waiting….


Yes, my child, climbed up on the table and blew out Meredith’s candles for her.  Nice huh?  She was tired of waiting for cake.  What a turd.    Although, I must admit, I’m somewhat amused to have captured it.

Sorry sweet Meredith.  Start planning your revenge for late July.