Waggie Maggie

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I am so proud of this young woman. She is now a business owner at 18! Taryn is offering pet care and dog walking services as we travel. Many families spend long days out exploring and either have to return before they are really ready to so they can let their dogs out, or take them along with them. We see families looking for pet care allllll the time and this is such a great fit for her! She’s been working hard at building her business, determining services, building a website, she made her own logo and marketing materials, etc. Go check it out at www.waggiemaggie.com!

Project 365: 40/365!


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One of the best parts of homeschooling / roadschooling is how much time we can invest in skills that matter to us. That includes learning a tradable skill, self defense, CPR, volunteering, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and more, all before graduating high school. I started my first photography business when she was just 6 months old. She’s grown up watching Jason and I build a combined total of 5 profitable businesses. Now here she is a senior in high school and starting one of her own! I’m so excited for her!! This week has been filled with business plans, brainstorming, researching her market, pricing, domain names, building a website, creating her own logo, […]

the good and the beautiful

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Day 1 of a new curriculum usually feels overwhelming but @thegoodandthebeautiful totally wasn’t! 🙌🏻 Both Zachary and I love it so far and I’m thinking about switching Jonah over as well. We are also working on moving away from Acellus for the older kids, they’ve taken a hard left turn in the last few months and we are searching for an online curriculum more in line with our faith and values. Homeschool for us means constant adjustments, catering to each of their individual needs, learning style and […]

Zachary’s first day of first grade

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Today is Zachary’s first day of first grade! We made a big change and switched up our curriculum this year for him. He’s jumping in to The Good and The Beautiful. I’ve been looking for something more faith based and heard about this one from @ourlifewebuild And, we just so happen to be in the best place to start studying wind and waves, Cape Cod! The visitor center had an entire lesson on it! He’s super excited, ready to get started and keeps fussing at me to […]

different learning schedules

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All 4 kids are on different home learning schedules right now and it’s driving my organized brain crazy. We are usually pretty good about keeping everyone on a similar schedule. I’m trying to embrace everyone working at their own pace. 🤪 Z had a few weeks off waiting on his new curriculum to arrive and we’ve filled that time with lots and lots of books.

Project 365: 31/365

9th year of learning at home

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Scenes from our first day of homeschool today. I can’t believe this is our 9th year of learning at home! It was a decision we initially felt forced to make. Taryn’s school and teacher kept exposing her to foods she is allergic to. She was constantly sick as a result. She had a 504 everyone ignored and we were told by the principal it’d be easier for them if homeschooled her. You can imagine that comment (and many others) didn’t go over real well. We had an advocate and fought. In the end, we could put our energy in to advocating, year after year, and still deal with constant allergic reactions, or […]

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