Just checked my stat counter and it hit 200,008 today!  Wow!  Thanks to all of you who take a few moments of your day to come here and share in a little slice of our lives, comment on the pics and share stories of your own.  I love hearing from you!

And what’s a post without a photo?  We had a play date today and while I brought my camera, I didn’t snap a single shot.  I got too caught up in Mommy talk so here is one of Taryn from last month that I never got around to sharing.  I had a lot of unshared pics last month, I was a busy girl!


Gosh I’ve been posting a lot of Taryn.  I’m just so relieved that my happy girl is resurfacing and coming back to me, I want to capture it.  Must take a few shots of the little man though, I haven’t tortured him all week.  And Ty too, I want a photo of he and I for my 52 weeks project.

Enough rambling…thanks for stopping in today!