Don’t grow up.  Just stay little.  Keep that sweet baby smell.  Fall asleep in my arms with your head on my chest.  Listen to my heartbeat while you’re there, its beating for you.  Drink milk till your stuffed full.  But come back for more within the hour.  Burp loud, so we are amazed at your little body and the noise it makes.  Curl your tiny little fingers around mine and hold on as tight as you can.  Grunt the way only you do, when you eat, when you sleep, when you’re just hangin out, just grunt, its so you.  Blow drool bubbles.  Love your paci, no matter how much it drives your momma nuts.  Keep one squinty eye on daddy at all times.  Let your eyes fill with wonder every time Taryn comes in close for a kiss.  Snuggle with Ty each night.  Just stay little as long as you can, cause we love every minute of it.