Apr 03, 2008
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Don’t grow up.  Just stay little.  Keep that sweet baby smell.  Fall asleep in my arms with your head on my chest.  Listen to my heartbeat while you’re there, its beating for you.  Drink milk till your stuffed full.  But come back for more within the hour.  Burp loud, so we are amazed at your little body and the noise it makes.  Curl your tiny little fingers around mine and hold on as tight as you can.  Grunt the way only you do, when you eat, when you sleep, when you’re just hangin out, just grunt, its so you.  Blow drool bubbles.  Love your paci, no matter how much it drives your momma nuts.  Keep one squinty eye on daddy at all times.  Let your eyes fill with wonder every time Taryn comes in close for a kiss.  Snuggle with Ty each night.  Just stay little as long as you can, cause we love every minute of it. 

  • Isn’t it wonderful that you have the time and energy to enjoy every minute of this! No hurricane…no evacuation…no stress… (OK, maybe just a little stress – but its normal stuff). Knowing he is your last also makes it all that much more special! I sure miss my little guy – I’ve only had a week with him. Can’t wait til Mother’s Day!

  • What a sweet post! It makes me all teary and also sends my baby fever through the roof! Glad the littlest T is doing so well.

  • This is so sweet! With a new baby ourselves (and our last as well), I can definitely relate!! Even middle of the night feedings can be precious, just me and baby snuggling:)

  • Just so sweet 🙂 It made me a little teary eyed as I lay here nursing Ethan and snuggle with his warm, sweet smelling little body.

  • Susan aka Chloebug

    This tugged at my heartstrings. Great summary of how moms feel about their babies!

  • Okay..tears! I love that! You take beautiful pictures, and you write just as wonderfully. Thanks for sharing!

  • This picture is absolutely beautiful- just perfect.

  • So so so beautiful. The picture and what you wrote. It really touches my heart because I feel the same exact way about my new baby boy!!! By the way I just started checking out your blog and I love it!!! Great job and amazing pictures!!! And Ty is a wonderful photographer too just like his mama!!

  • You have just brought tears to my eyes with this post. I feel the same way every day I look at my little guy (now four months old). But alas, he keeps growing, which in and of itself is a miracle and wonder! Thanks for letting us have a peek into your life, and to enjoy your beautiful photos!

  • Can’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon your blog but I love your photos and comments on the family life. I’m expecting my first in 8 weeks and I can’t wait to have some photos of my little guy. You take beautiful pictures (such beautiful babies)- thanks for sharing! -Jennifer in Georgia

  • simply beautiful!

  • Wow, beautiful photo, beautiful post! Tears here too…

  • Awwww, Lynds, he’s soooooo sweet =)