I am so glad to be home.  Our little over night excursion to San Antonio was stressful and just plain miserable.  I don’t know what happened, but my sweet girl was just plain difficult.  Actually, the word difficult doesn’t do it justice.  I’d say possessed but you guys might think I’m a horrible mother.  But in all honesty, that’s the adjective that first pops into my mind.  Awful, just awful.  Dinner with Alli, Mike and Lily would have been nice if I could have participated, but Teagan decided to scream through dinner….which I’m sad about cause I heard Lily used tortillas as a frisby….dang it, I miss all the good stuff!!  Seaworld was miserable, waaaay too many people, even at night.   It was so bad, we decided to not return this morning, instead we were armed with a plan to hit the Riverwalk and the children’s museum.  But after an hour of Taryn’s horrid behavior, we just couldn’t face it, so we came home.  It was bad y’all.  I just kept praying in the back of my mind, please let her get sick and not let this be a "turning 3 thing".  Is my kid the only one who gets really mean right before she gets sick?!? Yes, I actually hoped my child was getting sick, see, I am a horrible mother.  Between Ty’s complaining, Teagan screaming in the car, Taryn constantly unbuckling herself from her carseat and screaming when we made her get back in, the last thing we needed was for Taryn gets a case of the trots.  Nice.  I lost track of how many times we stopped.  Too many.  Karma coming back and biting me in the butt for hoping my child was about to get sick instead of permanently ornery.  Especially when she figured out all she had to do was say she had to go potty to get out of her car seat and then giggle that she tricked us.  Not fun.  Five and a half hour drive that should have taken less than two.  This is the last Stradtner family vacation this summer, that I can promise you.  I told Jase there is no way I’ll request a vacation, a road trip, nothing.  I may not even leave the house this week at all come to think of it.

Since y’all had to read through all that miserable non-sense….I do have something cute to share with you.  I left the 5D at home and threw the Nikon D50 in my bag (with the 50 mm 1.8 lens).  Once we got to the hotel, I was sorry I left the 5D behind, our room was ultra modern and cool with amazing light.  I think the rice cereal and bananas are going straight to his cheeks ๐Ÿ˜‰


ok, this one is far from correct technically, but it’s about the moment….look at my big boy sitting up!  I’m in shock, he’s only 5 months old and sits up for about 5 or 6 minutes at a time.  He does so good.  Surprising since he’s been behind on a lot of milestones since he came early.  Also makes me a little nervous since Ty did this and then walked at 9.5 months, ran by 10 months, climbed out of his crip by 11 month…he was on physical little guy and it was tough.  But, it’s fun for photos and he loves his new perspective on the world…


Ok, I’m off to try and sleep off our horrid getaway and prepare my brain for Little T’s birthday tomorrow!!