Every single day, when we get up and out of bed, I talk to the kids about our "plan for the day".  Whether its hang at home or doctor visits or grocery shopping, whatever, we always talk about it somewhere between climbing out of bed and breakfast, we always talk about our day.  Without fail, when we ask T what she wants to do, its followed by a long thoughtful pause and then a big, bright "I KNOW, LET’S GO TO SEAWORLD!" every.single.day since our first visit to Seaworld.

Today, to help celebrate her upcoming birthday, we woke up and said "Hey, let’s go to Seaworld!"…and she is psyched.  We get to stay over night and everything.  And you know who else is gonna be there?  Miss Lily!!  So excited that Alli, Mike and Lily are going too (who by the way is going to kill me for linking her blog, but she won’t see it till we get back – HA!)

Here are a few shots of my funny, Seaworld lovin’ girl….





We’re off!