she’s fabulous . she’s 3 . she’s super t . lover of the color pink . and dora . plays tricks on ty . gives mommy a run for her money . she’s a daddy’s girl . but sometimes needs some extra mommy when she’s sleepy . cuddles teagan every morning . and wakes him up every day from his nap "cause he’s just so cute" . loves to check the mail . and help cook . and anything water related . except waterparks . our honeymoon baby . determined . funny . loud . cuddlebug . sings bold and loud on a moments notice . songs she makes up as she goes along . my favorites are "I’m so funny" and "daddy is so fwustrated" .  loves ice cream . and apple slices . and macaroni-n-cheese . strawberries . and anything dipped in sour cream . if I say "I can do it" she sings in her best Bartney voice "by my self" . is spirited yet very shy . hides under the furniture in fear if someone new comes to our house . loves buddy bucks and squeals with joy every time she uses one . even though we’ve done it 1,862 times . has an amazing relationship with our her dog . she’s claimed sole ownership much to Jason’s dismay . and kylie loves her the same way right back . book lover . and puzzles . and coloring . anything requiring focus . has a wonderful, big, loud laugh . and the sweetest little girl signature giggle . we pretty much love her to pieces

these are just a few snapshots, I tried to do a "birthday shoot" several times but well, my girl has PCS, so here ya go….


makin 3 look tough


this little piggie


ther is just something about this one that I love, her hair maybe, how focused she is, dunno



a little cheese for ya…


I love how she still looks so small in this one, yes I’m in denial my baby is growing up


did I mention the PCS?


she looks so determined in this one


right after this shot she kicked the crud out of my lens on accident running toward me so we called it a day πŸ˜‰


Happy Birthday big girl, we love you!!