Today marks 10 years since his severe vaccine injury. It’s crazy for me to even type that out. That it’s been so long….that he’s recovered and healthy. He beat the odds. It’s hard to see friends we made during that time living very differently because they didn’t recover. It’s heartbreaking and the sheer luck of it all is never lost on me. We were very blessed by the people placed in his life to bring healing. Every odd was stacked against him. We worked our butts off, he worked so hard, fought through the pain. He is living proof, recovery IS possible. There is hope! If your child is suffering from an injury or side effect, including viral vaccine induced demyelination, please feel free to reach out. I’m an open book about our experience. Vaccines are such a volatile issue, even more now than 10 years ago. There is risk. There should always be a choice. Read the inserts. And more than anything mommas, follow your instincts. I wish I had.