Christmas is less than a week away?!  How the heck did that happen?!?  Between Jase and T’s trip, computer and hard drive failures, sick kiddos, and finishing up a few orders before the holidays, time has slipped away from me.  Jase and I realized last night looking at our naked, undecorated tree, that we’ve been slacking.  We vowed to wake up this morning with spirit.  So the holiday music is blaring, we’re baking cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then we’ll decorate the tree.  Then wrap gifts and bake sugar cookies.  We were hoping to go do something fun with the kiddos tonight, even if it’s just to go look at lights, but Little T has been sick all week and just can’t seem to shake it (probably something nasty she picked up from the recirculated air on the airplane – ick!).  So we may lay low and get ready for all of our family that will roll in to town for Christmas….but we WILL be in the holiday spirit while laying low.  We will.

And if this doesn’t put you in the holiday mood….well then you’re just a scrooge!!

Even though you can’t tell by these photos, he was not a fan of the hat, he ripped it off his head at least 50 times.  Ty was helping me and was so frustrated….”just leave it on dude!!”   LOL

ps – thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for Teagan….he went in for blood work on Thursday and we hope to have the results back on Monday.

pps – Bob the elf has been busy, I’ve just been too busy to post all his shenanigans!