the screaming, the fever, the runny nose and the last 24 exhausting hours with the little dude.  he’s cutting his first tooth.  the first sharp little edges popped through this afternoon.  he still has a long way to go before it is through though.  poor little man.  my kids have all been late teethers, ty got his first at 13 months, he was walking and running with a toothless grin, it was adorable.  taryn was around 11 months for her first.  so, a big day for our little man, but a sad, sad day for my boobs.  nursing a baby with teeth, well, ouch pretty much sums it up.

and since i can’t post without a pic…my little man in the tub a week or so ago.  he loves bath time and he quickly learned to defend himself when his sister is in there with him.  it’s so fun to watch them splash around and play.

I sure am gonna miss this little toothless grin….