I haven’t photographed tortured taryn in a while and decided to try and snap a few of her this morning during teagan’s morning nap.  When I said, “hey, let’s go take a few pics” she scowled, put her hands on her hips and said “will you give me some candy?”….I’ve ruined her.  I brought candy and well, I’m not really inspired by anything I got.  Just one of little miss attitude….check out that big toe and pointer finger.

I love it when she wears these jammies, so soft and cuddle inducing.  She pretty much rules the roost around here lately.  She keeps those boys in check.  My friend Alli and I joke that Teagan’s first full sentence will either be “BACK OFF CHIC” or “GIVE ME THAT BACK”.  I’m taking bets if anyone wants in.

ps – does she have some freakishly large feet or what??  she’ll be tall like her daddy I suppose.

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