1.  rumor has it that my mom has been blog stalking all day for 10 on tuesday.  here it is gee…..are ya nerrrrrrvous?

2.  this is sooooo jase.  taryn does it too.  this is the look of concentration.  you should not interrupt it.  genetics are a crazy thing man.

3.  My mom thinks i’m gonna talk about her on 10 on tuesday.  hmmmm, wonder why?!

4.  I’m going to an open house tonight for Ty’s school next year.  Middle school.  I don’t wonna talk about it.

5.  My mom is a crack up.  She’s done some funny things.  In our family they are usually referred to as a “dumb geegee story”.  Might sound mean and disrespectful, but in all honesty, no one loves or tells a dumb geegee story like the gee herself.

6. I have some new products and some new projects coming for the business.  Exciting stuff!  I’ve even been putting my cute husband to work on biz related stuff here lately.

7.  You’re wondering if I am going to tell a dumb geegee story aren’t you?  I know you know who is wondering…..

8.  Teagan turns 13 months old today.  Can you believe it?  I can’t.  He still isn’t walking.  A few steps a few times and that is about it.  Actually, I think it’s going to be awhile.  He’s a big chicken.  I’m totally ok with that.

9.  I normally try not to air out the dirty laundry of my relatives here on the blog.  I really do.

10.  But, alas, I cannot resist….

My mom came to visit at Christmas and left a few things behind.  They were her, ehemm, unmentionables.  So, being the sweet daughter that I am, I packed them up and sent them off to her.  I got a phone call a few days later “You think you’re soooooooo funny!”  I had included a note that said “Dear Granny, Here’s Your Panties” BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

So when my mom came back in February for Teagan’s birthday, she kept very, very close tabs on her, ehemm, unmentionables.  She even made an extra round through our house to make sure she had everything while packing up to go home.  Much to my enjoyment, a few days after she was gone Ty came running out of his room swinging a pair of black granny panties over his head with glee.  Now normally this would not be a wonderful sight for a mom of an 11 year old, but I immediately knew what they were and we all jumped up and down with joy and laughter.  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, it doesn’t take much to amuse those Stradtners now does it.  It’s ok, you’re right.  This time the note read…..”Oh granny granny granny, here are your panties…..AGAIN!”  BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Her very next question was “you’re not gonna blog this are you?”…well, mums the word when you do it once, but twice, well, it’s pretty much fair game now.

We love you Gee.  We really do.  But this is Austin.  Not NOLA.  Or Mardi Gras.  You really should try to keep better track of your panties.

Oh man, that was fun…..I could go on and on…..the way she mails things to herself…..or to me to a name I haven’t had in 12 years…..or how she lets cokes explode in her freezer…..or drives her car in to the house…..or backs in to the pole at the end of their driveway.  That drivers license photo that will go down in history.  Your escapade through the casino….I dare you to tell that story.  Oh mom, I love you.  You crack me up and you’ve taught me the importance of being able to laugh at myself.

Happy Tuesday everyone (and I hope all of you know where your panties are……)