Finally getting a few spare moments to catch up and share a little.  I thought I’d post the link to the slideshow for the Trash the Dress session I did.  I can’t tell y’all how much fun it was!!  There were a total of 5 models and 3 assistants.  A big, huge, thank you to everyone who participated.

Oh, and while we had permission to be on site, the fountain wasn’t specified, so we did that last, just in case we got booted out.  The security guard came and stood next to me while I worked when the girls jumped in and I told MC that 1) she should take a photo of me if I got hauled off in the security buggy and 2) she better come bail me out 😛  ha!

In case you can’t tell, Amie had a BLAST, love it!

Click here to view trash the dress, Austin style!

If you are in the Austin area and are interested in trashing your dress, drop me a note cause I’d love to do this again!