1.  Tyler, oh Tyler.  Yesterday while riding home from his buddy Kayleigh’s house, he misjudged (again) our driveway while going too fast on his bike.  The damage was two fold, thankfully Ty is fine as far as we know, he goes in to have his arm x-rayed later today.  It’s so hard to know what is a serious injury with this child.  He has hypochondriac tendencies.  Seriously y’all, the child once iced a mosquito bite.  I’m not makin’ that up either!  Every little thing is major.  If you ask him on a scale of 1 to 10 how much something hurts, it’s always a 9, always.  After talking with the nurse yesterday, we decided the x-ray could wait until today because he didn’t appear to be in major pain, had minimal swelling, etc.  Hopefully it’s not fractured.  I did go purchase him a sling for his arm and oh, good lord, did it feed the fire.  He was like a kid in the candy store buying that darn thing, it validated his injury and he was just darn giddy.  Everything tonight revolved around his cast, er, uhm, I mean, sling.  Not to minimize his pain or injury, but if y’all only knew what we go through with him.  Every night it’s something, usually at chore time or bed time.  Mom, look at this scratch, Mom, do you see this red mark, Mom, my neck hurts, Mom, I think one of my legs is shorter than the other.  Good grief.  I’m sure my mom is going to chime in here and tell you I was the same way as a child, including a somewhat warped version of a story about a 2 hour bath to remove a band-aid when I was his age, but that’s a story for another day, just know that Ty comes by it honestly.

My SUV on the other hand, did suffer a break, actually two. 


2.  Taryn has a new imaginary friend, Sparky the dog.  Sparky is pink and sooo much fun.  Taryn leads her around on a leash all day long.  Her little 3 year old imagination is exploding.  Reminded me of Ty’s imaginary friend named "Chris" (after my step-brother) when he was about 3.  Chris lived under my bed and was constantly bringing home new "babies" for me to take care of.  Chris was needy, and hungry, and thirsty.  Funny that when we moved, Chris and his ump-tine babies stayed behind.  I was kinda thankful, they were high maintenance. 

3.  Since we’re taking a trip down memory lane….when Ty was 3 he had several pets.  A fish he named "fish stick" and a hermit crab named "flap jack".  Funny kid, he came up with those all on his own and it still cracks me up 8 years later.  Confession, he actually had 4 or 5 gold fish cause they kept dying.  My theory is that once they heard their name they instantly had little fishy heart attacks and went belly up.  Just a theory, I have no proof.

4.  Taryn was so cute on our way to the movies the other day for our girls day out.  She was convinced that all the cars on the road were going to see Wall-E too and they were racing us there.  Then out of nowhere she tells me she wishes her "best friend kylie could go to the movies" with her too.  Kylie, is our dog.  Correction, Kylie is her dog.  Formerly Jason’s dog before we got married.  Formerly the family dog.  Now "her dog".  Mommy, my dog is hungry.  Mommy, I’m going to let my dog out.  I love my dog.  Jase messes with her all the time and claims ownership, but Little T lays down the law.  Kylie is HER dog.  The appearance of Sparky has not changed her love for Kylie one tiny little bit, they co-exist, but according to T, they don’t play together.

5.  For Ty, this has been the summer of new friends, riding his bike, playing outside, light sabers, legos and nerf.  But this will also be the summer that his mom taught him how to cook.  Back story, before school let out, one night at the dinner table, he sweetly asked me if I would write down the recipe for him so he could "give it to his wife to make for him when he gets married"….sounds sweet on the surface right?  But when I stopped to think about it, that’s not the kind of man I’m raising.  I want him to be thoughtful, intentional, honest, kind and self-sufficient.  My goal is to teach him how to cook it for her!  So, that’s what we’ve done this summer, I started to teach him how to cook.  Everything from simple stuff like scrambling eggs, making mac-n-cheese, grilled cheese to homemade meatballs, my lasagna and so much more.  And he’s good at it too.  Ok, so sugar and flour sometimes look alike and he gets a little mixed up.  He loves it and I’ve loved too.  It’s been fun and I’ll admit it’s been nice having someone else in the kitchen that isn’t limited to stirring with big spoons while perched on a step stool.  He even prepares lunch sometimes totally on his own.     T’s convinced he makes the best grilled cheese evvvvvvver.

6.  Good luck to my mom and step-dad who close on their construction loan today for their new beach house!  I’m very excited for them and cannot wait to see the end result!  I’d link her new blog but she’d physically reach through the internet and cyber smack me, so I won’t.  When we went to the beach with them earlier this month we got to go visit their lot and do a ceremonial ground breaking…


Larry has a spinal cord injury due to an on the job accident 10 years ago.  He and my mom are building a new house that will be handicap accessible and much more functional for them, unlike their present home.  Its a house with a purpose that will change their lives for the better.

7.  I cried yesterday standing in Teagan’s closet.  I had to remove some of his 0-3 month clothing because I literally couldn’t fit one single thing that actually fits him until I did.   Sad.  My baby is getting big too fast.  Correction, my last baby is getting big too fast.  I’m mourning that baby stage and it physically hurts me to know that each day that passes, I’ll never have a baby that small in my house, in my arms, again.  It’s sad but he’s also so much fun now.  He loves it when anyone quacks like a duck, kisses his belly or just even looks in his direction.  He’s becoming quickly addicted to his sister’s antics and she’s addicted to his right back.  He snuggles with intention now,  he looks up at me with those big blue eyes and lays his sweet little head on my chest, complete with a big, drooly smile, melts my heart every time.  Oh, and when he’s tired, his cheeks hang low…


8.  Thank you to those who posted advice about Teagan hating the car so much.  I’m following your suggestions and purchased a new carseat for Taryn and moving Teagan into the Britax Roundabout.  Poor kids getting a hand me down, but it made more sense to move T to a bigger chair (we bought the Graco Nautilus) and give him hers.  Crossing my fingers it works!

9.  And a product rave from me.  I bought an Itzbeen and just love it.  Perfect gift for a new mom, I bought mine at Target some time ago.  What I love about mine is that it lights up, great for night time feedings and diaper changes.  It times everything from how long baby has slept, to diaper changes, to feedings, and more, plus if you are nursing there is a toggle switch to keep track of what side you last fed on.  It was especially helpful when I was having supply problems with nursing.  I’m horrible at keeping track of how long Teagan nursed, so this really helped me.  Pretty cool.  Someone out there is thinkin.

10.  hehehe….this makes me giggle.  Aren’t 3 year olds fun?!