I put my camera down for awhile this week.  Our days were filled with illness, healing, pain, comfort, cranky kids, trips to the park, puppies that chew on ev.ery.thing, carpool and too many hours spent in the kitchen.  I received bad news that arrived as if it were rather good news, because it could have, and possibly should have, been much worse.  I felt horribly sad and vindicated in one surprising moment.  I hugged my children tighter.  I made big changes and faced the fact that my choices change not only who I am, but who they are.  I’ve had to dig deep within myself this week.  It was not easy, but I have succeeded.  And it has been good.

Today, I finally got around to picking my camera up again.  I’m so happy that I did.  My girl.  My silly, sweet, dramatic, cartwheel lovin’ girl.