Jason usually gets up before I do to get ready for work. If the baby is awake in her crib he will go get her and bring her into bed with me to play while he finishes getting ready. I woke up this morning to the sound of Taryn playing “piggies” with her baby doll next to me. She points to the big toe and says “market”….”lalalalala” for the next three toes and then a big “WEWEWEWEWE” for the last piggie as she tickles her babies cheeks. I love that. I’ve been reminding myself a lot lately that these are some of the best days of our lives. Someday our children will grow up, they will leave us and we’ll fondly remember mornings like this, sweet and simple.

Good news! My laptop is ready. Yippee. Well, sort of. The power problem has been fixed but the battery it needs is back ordered. I can plug it into the wall and it will work so I decided to go get it and I’ll just order the battery myself directly from Apple. My business has been dead in the water without it. I can’t proof, I can’t put in orders and there’s a long list of other things not possible without my computer. I’m so backed up in client proofing, sending out information, scheduling, uploading orders, etc….we’ll see how long it takes me to catch up – yikes!

I wish it wasn’t such a long drive into New Orleans to go get it though. And we have to stop and pick up Ty’s new glasses on the way back. New glasses, again. His Rx seems to change at least every 6 months now. Then lunch, nap and our mortgage company is coming for a home inspection tonight. Little nervous and hope it goes well. We were told by our mortgage company that the LRA told them they are requiring “too much”, too many receipts. They said that if the inspector deems our home “livable” then they will give us the full amount of the grant and be done. That would rock! No more paperwork, no more telephone calls, no more headaches, and most importantly, no more WAITING. We know it’s livable, we were in it when it was unlivable, concrete floors, no kitchen, just walls, one toilet, one shower and one sink in the bathroom. Add a microwave and a few beds, a few chairs and that was pretty much it. We know what unlivable looks like. Hopefully the inspector will too.

I thought I would post early today as I’m sure I’ll be running around like crazy from here on out.

Here are a few more photos from our trip to Austin, just because these are all I have to post until my computer comes home….