The us that is healing and healthier.  A transformed us.  The us that is still very much a work in progress.

When we booked Bonnie Berry last summer for a fall session, I knew exactly what I wanted.  I wanted her vision of our new normal.  I wanted a morning in our jammies, kids running wild, real food, ferments, juicing, my tea on the counter in my favorite cup.  I wanted the details of our chaos and the giving of supplements that is our normal morning routine.  I wanted the real moments.  The ones that reflect our lives aren’t always easy, quite the opposite actually, but very…..intentional.  Our lives are flawed, many of our days are challenging, yet we are happy and there are a million beautiful moments surrounding our new reality.

And she captured it just that way.  I am so thankful to her.  Not only did she do an amazing job, but the timing was perfect.  Little did we know she was capturing us right on the cusp of another huge change, another baby.  Just a short 6 weeks after these were taken we found out #4 is on the way.  And these images, in that instant, became even more valuable to me.  She captured us as 5, just before we would find out we’d be 6.  My heart is full that these moments have been captured and I get to keep them forever.  Thank you Bonnie.

ps – If you’ve been around here awhile, you might remember an ongoing marital battle between Jase and I regarding a certain tree just behind our property line.  When Bonnie was photographing Jase and I alone together, she told him to tell me something that would make me laugh.  He ***finally*** admitted to planting that damn tree!  Ha!  Proof on film there big guy!   And I didn’t have to wait to be on my death bed for the truth.  HA!  I KNEEEEEEEW IT!