Confession time.  Sometimes I get really bored photographing my kids in my own house.  I love my kids, they are fun, and always provide me with great opportunities to capture real life.  But I get bored with my house and the light.  I know all the good spots and the places I need the kids to be in so I can get good lighting and a good shot.  Sometimes, being stuck inside these walls is just, the same, uninspiring, blah spot.  This tends to hit me the hardest in January, when I actually have time, since September and the beginning of busy season, to actually capture my own kids.  It’s also cold and heading out to capture them somewhere more interesting isn’t always a (fun) option.  I don’t take on as many clients in January and my creativity gets restless as a result.  Sometimes I need to remind myself that even in my same old favorite spots, within these 4 walls, lies variety.  I rediscovered that the other day while photographing Jonah.  I had to wake him up so we could go run an errand.  That’s usually the best time to photograph a sleeping baby, right before you have to wake them up anyway.  I usually get one shot, one chance, because the shutter will wake him.  It didn’t this time.  So I took the opportunity to move around, up, down, over, around.  It reminded me that even if my subject isn’t moving or is “in the same old spot”, my perspective can change.  What I see, how I see it, how *I* move, also creates the image.  I spent 5 minutes photographing him, studying him, watching the light come through the window.  He didn’t move a muscle, the light didn’t change, yet each image is so different in it’s own right.  These images, all together, tell a story of my sweet, 14 month old baby boy sleeping with his favorite blanket.  They also serve as a reminder to his momma that there is inspiration within these 4 walls, even after 6 years of living here.  It’s just up to me to find it in new ways.