Something new and different.  For me anyway.  Not new in the industry by any means.  They are the perfect fit for this project, real, open, intentional, and filled with so much love for one another and their family that you can’t help but soak a little bit of it up just being around them.  I knew if I ever tried to shoot a movie and a session at the same time, I’d try it on them first just to see if I could do it and do it well.  Thankfully, they were game.  We shot this back in April right after Maddie-Rose’s first birthday.  Some of you might remember little Miss Maddie-Rose, her birth is by far the most viewed page on my website/blog with over 500,000 hits.  As far as shooting a movie for a client, I learned a lot!  That it is incredibly difficult to shoot photographs and a movie at the same time, even with two cameras.  I learned that I need moments in both mediums to make it flow well, and they have to be real, genuine and honest.  I decided on the fly to do an interview with both Noelle and Brad and now I’m so glad that I did.  It morphed together right there in the moment, the interviews were unplanned.  And it worked.  Only a very small part of their interview made it in to the final cut and man it killed me to cut out the part where Brad talks about Cash and Noelle talks about Maddie-Rose, the tears were flowing while editing.  While there are many things that are imperfect about the final product, it turns out that the imperfections are what I love about it the most.  It’s shaky and parts are out of focus, but I feel like the imperfections keep it honest.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  They have the entire interviews and I hope they will treasure them.  Brad & Noelle, thank you for sharing your family with me….you always welcome me with open arms and it’s an honor to have been entrusted, once again, to help tell your story.

(((Note:  My initial intention was to share their video here on the blog and start offering “Your Story, Your Words, My Art” movie / photo sessions.  But with Teagan being so sick I have decided to put it on hold until I have more time to truly throw myself into it and give it my all.  I truly hope that time comes and if it does, I’ll be back to share their video and announce packages / pricing, etc.  I still wanted to share their photos though….)))