My 3rd and final session of the day was one of my favorite families in the whole entire world.  i have several thoughts….

1.  They are beautiful individuals, every last one of them.  But when you put all 4 of them together, beautiful just doesn’t cover it.  2.  MC may never forgive me for introducing Jack to marshmallows tonight.  3.  Jack pretty much loves me.  4.  I love him too.  5.  I may have encouraged Jack to make silly face in front of the camera a few too many times today.  6.  I’m sorta sorry about that MC.  7.  It feels like yesterday that Tommy was born.  How is he 5 months old already?  8.  Jon looks fabulous….totally kicking cancer’s butt!  9.  MC got bangs.  Love them.  10.  MC’s mom is a loyal blog reader (waving hi!!!!)  11.  Thank you MC for the yummy goodness you sent home with me!  12.  When Ty was a toddler, I always wanted two boys close in age like this.  I love their family dynamic.  13.  I want a shot like this of my family…..


Two more things…..I love that they make an “M” for her first name.  And, we saw a buck in the field not long before shooting this.  It darted right past us.  I love Texas.