I’m so excited I can’t hold it in. Our disbursement for the remainder of our grant funds from our mortgage company! After 18 months of misery, stress and about every other emotion Katrina caused us, today brings relief!! She took so much away from us, the worst part is that she stole those precious, peaceful days that happen in the beginning when you have a newborn and we can’t get that back. So much of our attention, for a long time was focused on the after effects and surviving, instead of just being happy within our family. And poor Ty, he is still really struggling, I don’t post about it much, because I just don’t know what to say, but he’s had a really rough year. It’s not fair…..

Gosh it’s been a really long road, and we are exhausted. We never dreamed it would be this bad, even in the first few days after the storm hit. The waiting and waiting was really hard. But today THAT ENDS!!!! WAAAAHOOOOOO! Today our family celebrates!!! We have something to be happy about, rejoice and BREATHE! The debt. We’ve come a long way with our house, but because we took out a bunch of loans. Once we pay them off we’ll have enough to finish off the house so we can sell it. I’m sure we’ll be happy today and start looking for a contractor tomorrow LOL We decided to go out to eat at Copeland’s tonight to celebrate, I can’t wait!