Mar 20, 2007
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03_07_033_2Taryn has a sunburn, a bad one, from the park and zoo yesterday. We have guilt. If this was Basic Parenting 101, we would fail. I mean come on, sometimes we act like we haven’t done this before?!

She’s coping, regular doses of Motrin and dousing her in Noxema seems to be working the best. Poor thing. Mommy guilt, it didn’t even occur to us. Ty barely got any sun, I got a little and poor Jason, his noggin is really red, sunglass outline and all.

If you ever get a sunburn, put your Noxema in the fridge. She’s not quite sure what to think of this, but it caught her attention. I’d put her up on the bathroom counter and she’d just sit and stare at herself, raise her hands and look at me in wonder…she probably thinks I’ve lost it. Taryn and I spread some on top of Jason’s head tonight to help sooth his burn. She got quite a kick out of that, although I must say, it kind of reminded me of frosting a cake LOL! No pics of it though, it’ll take him awhile to live down the bunny pics as it is…