We joke at our house that before we purchase anything with wheels, we verify our health insurance coverage.  Ty is the clumsy kind, but he comes by it naturally, I’m about as clumsy as they come.  He got a Rip Stik for Christmas and while it’s uber cool, it makes his Momma very nervous.  He does great on it though.  If you don’t know what a Rip Stik is, it’s like a skateboard but it has one front wheel and one back wheel but the front and back of the board are connected by rubber.  You have to rotate your weight to ride it correctly.  I’ll go ahead and divulge that Jason busts his butt on it on a pretty regular basis.  In fact, the construction supervisor in our neighborhood stopped by the other day to check out something for us with the house and happened to mention he saw Jason bite the pavement while driving by the week before!  HA!  He thought no one saw him too!  LOL!

Just a few snaps of Ty working his magic…




And check me out, two posts in one day!