Little T and I had a busy morning of arts and crafts.  It keeps her busy and me sitting since I’m still pretty sore from Wednesday night.  Grandparents avert your eyes or be willing to pretend you’ve never seen these!  We made valentines, I’m lazy and bought a big kit this year, but she had fun with the glue none the less…she was very bossy about what got glued where and doing it all herself.


I thought I’d share these too.  Since Ty loves to read so much we decided on Valentine bookmarks for his class this year.  He gave me a couple of "restrictions" though.  No photos (humph) and they couldn’t say "Love, Ty", it had to be "From, Ty" (insert me rolling my eyes here, but what can I do, he’s 10).  So the this is the front, the back says "Happy Valentines Day From Ty".  I love how they came out, my only regret is that I should have paid the extra few dollars to have the UV coating put on each one so they would be more durable.


Thanks for stopping in =)