So I get on the blog and share little things about the kids, things about our family and every now and then Jason let’s me share some of the funny (aka stupid) things he does (remember the milkshake – hahahaha!).  Well, in all fairness, I figure today is my turn.  Let me start at the beginning….

Traveling across 2 states with a black lab mix, is in fact, like traveling with a 3rd child.  She rode in the SUV with Taryn and I, in the front seat.  Without fail, her head kept landing upside down, across the console trying to reach my lap with her four feet propped up on the passenger side window.  She was a sight.  Add that to the drool all over the window, her loud snoring, the potty breaks and the unfortunate event of Ty slamming her tail in the door on accident, and Kylie was just as high maintenance as the kids.  Here she is, in all her glory, loving her favorite blue ball….


And once we got to the new house, things got pretty bad for Kylie.  Without a doubt, she’s having the toughest time adjusting.  She’s dug up part of the yard, flung dirt all the way up to the patio several times, dug out and we had to search the neighborhood for her in the dark.  Thankfully she found her way home and came sneaking up the front walk while Jason was driving the neighborhood.  She also got into the garbage in the garage last week and spread it everywhere.  She sleeps in Ty’s room every night and I went to go wake him up for school one morning, I was welcomed by Kylie barreling out the door, practically running me over, because she had a case of the poo-pa’s during the night and knew she’d be in trouble.  All over our very light, very new, carpet.  Lovely.  Doggie poo-pa’s and morning sickness just don’t mix so poor Jase got to deal with it, on his first morning to get out the door to his new job no less.  Fun stuff.

Ok, so I had to tell you all that to get to this…

Friday I had to take a few things out to the big garbage can in the garage and spotted a dark lump behind the garbage can.  My first thought was Kylie and jeesh, not again!  No way was I cleaning it, it would kick my morning sickness into high gear and I’d be down for the count for the rest of the day.  It’s in the garage so it could wait until one of the boys gets home.  Logical thinking, right?  When Ty got home I let him get settled and said "dude, I got some bad news for you, Kylie poo’d in the garage"…"I got it Mom" and off he goes to check it out (he’s a trooper isn’t he!).  Ty comes back inside a minute later and says "Mom was it behind the garbage can?"…"Yup"…((insert huge 10 year old knee slapping laughing here)) "Mom, that’s one of your hair squishy’s on the floor!!  Not dog poo!!"

Uh, whoops.

Ok, so pretty funny but in my own defense, I am a little paranoid about it lately!  Ty got a ton of laughs out of this.  To a 10 year old boy, anything and everything poo related is funny.  Even more so when it’s at your mom’s expense!

Of course Ty couldn’t wait to tell his Dad after he got home.  Later that night I’m sitting on the couch (with my hair in the ponytail) and Jason walks behind me and says…."Oh hon, uh-oh, you’ve got a little dog poo in your hair there."