It made my heart happy to see these 3 again.  I first met Danielle, Lexi and Austin in 2009 when I photographed them in downtown Austin along with Alex as part of a charity session.  If you have been around here for awhile, you’ll remember Alex, his slideshow has made the rounds through the years.  Sadly, he lost his battle with cancer 4 years ago.  While we’ve kept in touch from time to time over email and facebook, I haven’t seen Danielle and the kids since Alex’s services.  My heart was overjoyed when she contacted me and said they’d be visiting Austin.  I was excited to capture them again, even though I know it was hard to step in front of the lens again without Alex.  He was with us though.  In spirit, and in fashion!  They brought some of Alex’s favorite hats to wear during their session and it was so special.  Anyone who knew Alex knows how much he loved fashion, he was always stylin!  Although, I’m not sure if he was laughing or cringing when we realized Danielle had worn two different boots to the session on accident!  Oh my gosh, we all laughed so hard midway through the session when we realized it!!  I had to take a photo, so funny!  Danielle, you are doing such a wonderful job raising Lexi and Austin, they are such kind, respectful, beautiful and genuine people.  Alex must be so proud of the three of you.