I’m still here.  Just not sure where to start or what to say.  Not very many good things have been going on, so I’ve found myself a bit speechless around here.  I don’t think my blog has been this quiet in a loooooong time.  Especially with so much going on at home.  But to say the events of the last few weeks have kicked my butt would not quite cut it.  I think it caught up with me……I managed to have a nice little pinched nerve in my back.  My bodies way of saying slow down, enough already.  Thank God my mom was here to help me.  And Jase.  And the kids.  I didn’t know exactly how much I needed her here until she got here.  I literally just cried on the phone knowing she was coming.  The injuries, the illness, the surgeries, I just needed my mom.  And she showed up in full force.  Ready to work and manage our house and hug the kiddos, and do all the things we couldn’t wrap our minds around.  I am so thankful for that.  She’s back at home now, and we’re all  having a “man, I miss the Gee” kind of night.

So, here is to a “normal” week, a healthier family, more blog posts and picking up my camera once again.  Wishful thinking?