If you’ve been around here for awhile, you will remember this fabulous couple.  When I first photographed Cristina & Whit almost exactly a year ago, it was an anniversary session to celebrate where they were in their lives and their love.  This time, I met with them to do quite a bit more celebrating.  This time over the birth of their first born, Jonah.   I’ve been looking forward to this session for a long time, I knew that these two would be fabulous parents.  And they are, so comfortable and at ease in their new roles and new love for their little munchkin.  And he is so super chill, he let us do pretty much whatever we wanted…..


Isn’t that chair fabulous?!  I walked through their house and missed it the first time but later it caught my eye and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t spotted it right away.  So cool!  I’ve also been looking forward to see who this little guy would look like, his mommy or his daddy.  He’s such a little mix of them both, he has dark hair with red highlights.  He’s a handsome little guy!


Cristina & Whit, congratulations on your new baby boy!  It was an honor to meet him and I have lots more to share with you very soon!!