Awhile back I ran a special for in home lifestyle sessions this summer.  The timing was perfect, it is 9,000 degrees outside, I’m very pregnant and I’ve been dying to photograph more families at home.  Austin is such an amazing city with so many wonderful on location places to shoot, it can be tough to convince families to stay home sometimes!  All the great locations with character is one of the reasons I love Austin so much, but I also love photographing families at home, in their own space.  There is just something wonderful about capturing people within their own four walls, comfortable, happy and relaxed.  Photos in the space where all their memories happen on a daily basis.  The small spaces our minds go when we think of those fleeting baby days and memories.  Today I got to shoot the first of those special summer sessions and it was definitely one of those where I couldn’t wait to rush home and download their images.  Amy & Paul, thank you for inviting me in to your home to capture you two with your boys, it was an honor.