It was just me and boys this weekend.  Jase took Taryn down to Corpus to go to a wedding.  I’ll confess….I loved it.  That probably sounds horrid, but I did.  It was quiet and peaceful and drama free.  Teagan threw one fit all weekend and it was because he was overtired.  There was next to no whining out of him either, which was awesome.  Taryn brings so many wonderful things to our family….and along with those things come the noise.  I don’t think I fully comprehended the noise level she contributes until this weekend.  I’ve also realized that we really need to address her issues with being so demanding….my eyes were opened this weekend to just how hard it is for the boys and how it overshadows their needs and personalities sometimes.  Must try and find a happy balance….that’s so hard to do with 5 personalities in one house.  How do you embrace everyone and sacrifice no one?  Now I’m off to stalk the driveway and wait for them to pull in, I did miss them like crazy and I can’t wait to hear about their adventures….I know they had a blast!