I’m reminded that capturing their everyday moments is so valuable to me.  What they do slowly becomes who they are.  Every night, we eat together as a family at the table.  We talk and eat and duck should food go flying across the table.  We ask Taryn to stop wiggling, we shoe the dog away from Teagan.  After seconds and sometimes thirds, Ty loads the dishwasher and jumps in the shower.  Jase does bath duty with the little ones.  They run out, clean, messy hair, giggling.  Buzz and monkey jammies with wet noggins they bounce into the kitchen eager for dessert.  A breathing treatment for the dude, clean teeth and then everyone grabs their books for the night and settles in.  We snuggle and read and we smell their heads and hold their hands.  We chat about their day and read some more.  It gives them comfort, this routine.  It gives us comfort too.