There are so many things I love about this birth experience….

I loved that as the family reminisced about their first birth experience, I could remember right along with them since I was there to capture it.  Forming bonds with families is so amazing.

I loved big sister hiding behind the curtains and her daddy chasing her out.

I loved big sister cuddling with momma and her baby belly.

I loved mom’s big tear at the moment of birth.

I loved Dr. Seeker’s smiles and genuine love for what he does.

I loved Kennedi’s little leg with chubby rolls.

I loved the moment mom got her hands on her baby, all swaddled up, as though she’d been handed the best gift.

I loved when big sister cried in that moment, not understanding what was happening.

I only loved that because a few seconds later, she was invited to join them, and the most amazing bonding moments I have *ever* witnessed happened.  Momma, with both of her babies on her chest, it was the moment they fell in love.  And it was *amazing* to be there to both witness and capture through tears.

I really, really love what I do.