I had these pulled up on my laptop this morning and I called Taryn over to show her.  She instantly did her signature hand over the mouth giggle and said "Oh that silly Lily!" and ran off.  She’s right….that Lily is pretty silly….


Have I mentioned that Lily has a crush on Ty?  She does.  It’s so cute how smitten she is with him.  But you know Ty, he’s so popular with the ladies (insert mom rolling eyes here).



Are y’all tired of the bluebonnet pics yet?  I just have waaaaay too many favorites so I think once I’m done proofing them all I’ll put them together in a slideshow. 

Thanks to everyone who has entered the free session contest!  Keep those entries coming!  Don’t forget your family, friends and co-workers can enter and then gift it to you if they win, so send them on over!  I can’t wait to see who the winner is!