I’m a little late on this, but we’ve been crazy busy here lately.  I can’t believe that Teagan is already 2 months old, time is flying by.  Not a day goes by that I don’t take time out to just sit and stare at him in amazement.  And I often think to myself, this is what I missed with Taryn, this age, this time.  Yeah, we were with her, but thanks to Katrina, we were so stressed, so distracted, so uprooted, its such a blur.  I feel like in comparison we’re living in slow motion now, which I know it’s true!  Ha!

Teagan had his shots on Friday.  Poor little guy, 4 shots in the leg and one oral.  He dug the oral one, he was too funny.  Shots in the leg, not so much.  He cried, then Taryn cried for him and then Mommy cried for them both.  Gosh I don’t like that part of being a Mommy.  He slept most of the day yesterday, but would wake up and just wimper, it was so pitiful.  He’s doing better today, just a little fussy. 

He tipped the scales at 10 lbs 13 oz.  Different from our scale at home that says he weighs over 12 lbs.  I am sure theirs is more accurate though.  And he’s up to 23 inches – which means he’s grown 4 inches in 8 weeks – wow!

Stay tuned for a cute story about Taryn tomorrow…in the meantime here is a quick snap of Jason stealing a few kisses…